CFO Advisory Services

“Finance division‘s versatile role is far more than pure financial”

  • More strategic, incl. regulatory affairs, compliance, sustainability
  • Multiple roles: co-pilot, guardian, digital mentor, change agent, story teller,…
  • Digital technology is a key enabler to fulfill the CFOs strategic tasks

Very often, CFOs are even leading the digital transformation….

By driving the (digital) business agenda, CFO position themselves are potential CEOs: As an example, more than a quarter of the DAX-listed corporations in Germany and other large companies are run by former CFOs. This underscores the expanded range of tasks.

Our model very clearly shows the pioneering role in the digital age – digital empowerment is as much a duty as financial excellence.

Example Digital Transformation of Finance

Financial Institution Total asset > € 100 billion

SAP 4 HANA Readiness

Analysis of the organizationally and procedurally hermetically separated areas FI and CO of the financial institution.
Due to the changed logic (“universal ledger”) of the SAP4HANA technology, both the data structures and the responsibilities (data management) will change drastically.
In order to prepare for a successful implementation, corresponding improvement potentials were identified so that, in addition to the purely technical implementation, an increase in efficiency and thus significant cost optimization can be achieved.

79 concrete improvement potentials identified, implementation WIP

We support you with sound experience, underpinned by our own scientific research and decade-long operational CFO-experience. 

How does this work out for me?

In a direct (remote and free of charge) INITIATION SESSION we will check your advisory needs, and concrete risks and opportunities.

Based thereon, we typically offer to carry out context-specific DISCOVERY WORKSHOP with relevant stakeholder for the transformation challenge.

Based on the findings, we suggest for the consecutive implementation an agile working mode for higher efficiency with biweekly client-participating reviews on predefined deliverables and flexible agile contract. This enables quick feedback and adjustments as necessary.


In other words, the typical approach is

  • Quick
  • Delivering tangible results continuously
  • Low risk, as the agile contract ensures required skill capacity and allows for adjustments as required.

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