Interim Management / Staffing

Shortage of skilled workforce is an increasing problem for many organizations.
With our broad network of experienced senior leaders and experts, we are able to offer dedicated profiles in a very short timeframe. Typically, we will be able to come back to you with first qualified profile(s) with very few days or in some cases even hours.

Examples of recent recruitments

  • Logistics: SAFe® Release Train Engineer (RTE) ⇒ profile delivered within 12 hours
  • Automotive client: System Architects ⇒ profile delivered within 4 hours
  • Automotive client: Project Leader ⇒ profile delivered within 30 hours

How does this work out for me?

In a direct (remote) contact with us, you specify your needs in form of

  • Skills required
  • Specific challenges and expectations
  • Timing & location
  • Cost frame

Our focus is on making sure that the profiles meet your needs and the candidates are truly available (that is what makes a qualified proposal). We will let you know right away, if we do not see any possibility to meet your demand.

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