Sustainability starts in one’s Backyard – Dr Vieweg Consulting invest its 2022 1% Pledge to afforestation

As Pledge 1% member, Dr. Vieweg Consulting has decided to grant 1% of the 2022 profit to afforestration.

It is obvious: the major challenge of this decade and those to come are to cope with the climate change and massive population increase (by writing this post, we are 8.008 Bn already with annual net increase by 67 millions).

Although the climate desaster is a basic social knowledge at least since the Club of Rome has issued the “Limit to Growth” analysis of MIT scientistics, D. Meadows et.al. some 50 years ago, it is only since 2015 that serrious attempts are debated of the United Nations regular assemblies. We simple cannot wait until the governments or states will agree and sort everything out. It starts by ourselves.

Dr. Vieweg Beratung is member of the 1% Pledge initiative and has agreed to allocate a share of profit to sustainability efforts.

Hence, Dr Vieweg Beratung has decided to donate its share and invest in local afforestration at it’s local in Germany.