GRC 2023 – AI the new normal,
from risk to resilience?

Great to speak at this year’s Governance-Risk-Compliance (GRC) World Conference:

GRC 2023 #GRCConf, this event with some 1,500 participants onsite and many more online worldwide was full of enlightenment on newest trends in the cyber security and internal audit space. Framed with an emotionally dense keynote opening from bestseller / storyteller / disruption strategist Shawn Kanungo (it’s all about Boldness and everything new starts out as a joke) and an inspirational closing keynote from astrophysics professor (University of Arizona and NASA), Dr. Erika Hamden on “Confidence, Resilience, and the Power of Failure”, many triggers were set for rethinking and generating new approaches. One who was not found on the participants list, though prevalent throughout the conference: AI. Artificial intelligence is the cornerstone of the GRC discipline, it’s not an option anymore! As with any hype, as soon as it is Mainstreet, a mushrooming of AI-experts (by true knowledge, own experience or those ones by self-declaration) and beside the impressive performance richness, the ethical and sustainable dimensions are not (yet?) high stake.

For more input on Ethical AI, we recommend

AI for the Good. Artificial Intelligence and Ethics

The presentation of our Resilience Maturity Model (RMM) was a real success. Not having expected so much positive feedback and interest in our scientific study results and the presented RMM that allows to adjust (AI-based) the organizational settings to ensure better resilience. Those ones how participated @ GRC 2023 have direct access to that RMM app, all others may contact us if they want to understand their resilience stage compared to their peers or across industries.

Risk management is clearly important (and will continue to be), though, a risk is simply a non-realized loss. Hence, it is per nature more defensive. Resilience is more than that, it is anticipating chances and threats and with that a much better pro-active management approach. With the increasing demand (including new regulatory requirements e.g. in Europe), it may be time to reconsider the “R” in GRC:

From Governance-Risk-Compliance to Governance-Resilience-Compliance.