Company size > € 1 billion p.a. sales

Business Process Outsourcing / Shared Services Center / Carve Outs /-Ins

Establishment of regional shared service centers with business process outsourcing options. To do this:
1.Separation of administrative functions from operating units and bundling of administrative activities (finance, controlling, human resources, IT) of local plants in shared service centers in order to bundle know-how, increase quality and raise efficiencies.
2.development of a target structure and a strategy to achieve this target structure.
3.Recording and critical reflection of possible process standardization.
4.Tendering of services for business process outsourcing providers.
BPO process: RfQ process, short listing, BPO fact finding, contract negotiations, development of service level agreements. case development in different scenarios (BPO, in-house).
6. execution of change management measures for implementation

39% IRR (base case)