Agile Management – Scaling Agile

“Each system is perfectly designed to achieve the results it does…”

David P. Hanna (Designing Organizations for High Performance)

Agility – implemented correctly – offers enormous advantages in a digitalized world – not only in IT, but everywhere in companies and organizations, including public administration! We help you to ensure that the transformation is not only well-intentioned, but also well done – even in a scaling environment!

Increasingly, our customers rely on SAFe® (ScaledAgileFramework), which is by far the market-leading open framework. We have extensive implementation, coaching and training experience with SAFe®. Regardless of the agile methodology itself, we help organizations identify the value streams, setup the agile teams, coach in the important difference between principles and practices to achieve noticeable short-term as well as sustainable success.

“…To achieve better results, you need to change the system.”

Quote attributed to W. Edwards Deming

Why SAFe®? By far, it is the worldwide leading methodology offering lean, agile and scaling continuous delivery of innovation and robust operations. Own analysis of the yearly “State of Agile” surveys from 3,000+ agile practitioners clearly show SAFe®’s increasing dominancy throughout the recent years. Meanwhile, SAFe® has exceeded the 50% mark.

“Realizing the need to transform in the digital age is not the issue, it is using models from the past.”

Frequently, we offer SAFe® certification open courses and inhouse on request, based on comprehensive implementation experience (see Seminar&Events).

The following SAFe® certificate courses are offered as public “open” course as well as “inhouse” for closed groups

  1. Leading SAFe®
  2. SAFe® Product Owner / Product Manager
  3. SAFe® Scrum Master
  4. SAFe® Lean Portfolio Management
  5. SAFe® for Teams
  6. SAFe® Release Train Engineer
  7. SAFe® Advanced Scrum Master
  8. SAFe® DevOps
  9. SAFe® for Architects
  10. SAFe® Agile Product Management
  11. SAFe® for Government
  12. SAFe® Agile Software Engineering