Sustainable (Green) Energy Solutions

Energy is crucial for life, as is for businesses. Geopolitical fragility shows how dependent societies are on affordable and stable energy supply. With the global climate crisis, the overarching challenge is to enable the above in a climate supporting, harmless way with renewable sources.

Although this is a key challenge by its own, not everything that looks great and environmental-friendly on the first spot really is: Very often rare earth elements (REE) are required to produce e.g. batteries, solar panels, powerful windmills etc. Responsible and sustainable management does need to encounter the long-term effects. E.g., the disposal (or dismantling) of solar panel after their typical useful life of some 25 years is not ensured, though it requires decision makers of today to avoid a “déjà vu” of previous generations: E.g., in the 1960th asbestos, the former super-powerful but cancer causing fiber, went into a broad range of products from concrete for houses down to baby skin cream… The decontamination took decades.

Our support comprises

  • Identification of current energy consumption and related Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions
  • Projection of future energy needs, based on tangible process improvements
  • Identification of alternative energy sourcing (e.g. hydrogen, thermal, solar, wind, water)
  • Configuration and independent business case development
  • Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) according to ISO 14040/14044

How does this work out for me?

In a direct (remote and free of charge) INITIATION SESSION (1h) we will discuss your objectives, scope, and context.

Depending on your needs and your own capabilities, we will provide you a support concept that fit neatly into your approach. It may comprise just specific technical questions or up to full orchestrating the energy transformation which typically comprises

  1. Baselining of specific issues
  2. Setting objective on new energy solution
  3. Concept development and configuration
  4. Vendor / builder screening and shortlisting
  5. Implementation supervision

For higher efficiency, we suggest an agile working mode with biweekly client-participating reviews on predefined deliverables and flexible agile contract. This enables quick feedback and adjustments as necessary.

In other words, the typical approach is

  • Scaled to your real needs
  • Delivering tangible results continuously

Low risk, as the agile contract ensures required skill capacity and allows for adjustments as required.

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