Agile Implementation (Consulting & Coaching)

Successful and sustainable transformation towards agile and lean approach requires competency. Knowledge (as acquired by trainings) is a foundation, necessary but not sufficient to achieve a high level of execution excellence.

We help clients in their endeavor of agile change transformation with consulting e.g. on

  • Identification of agile readiness and maturity: with our proven tools, we provide quickly an initial assessment of the current state of agile within the organization. Often, fragments of agile procedures are already existing, though a certain level of frustration due to missing pieces as agile does not seem to materialize yet.
  • The identification and definition of the target organizational setup
    (in SAFe® it is called “Lean Portfolio” with “Agile Release Trains (ART)” and “Solution Trains”)
  • Preparation of the agile change transformation, e.g. ART launch
  • Rollout of the ART and the portfolio
  • Interim-wise covering key roles such as Solution Train Engineer (STE), Release Train Engineer (RTE), Portfolio Manager, Architect, Scrum Master, Product Owner. Over time with our clients progress in staffing those roles internally, we phase out with proper on-the-job handover to safeguard agile flow and progress.

With the external help, organizations can accerate their agile transformation and reach a higher maturity level much quicker … and this is what pays off. Own scientific research has shown the correlation between higher maturity and better economic performance (see SAFe Summit Video How to unleash full SAFe potential).

For agile group or individual key roles, we provide coaching that helps our clients in specific situations and prepare them for better execution. Typically, these coaching sessions are more frequent (e.g. weekly) in the beginning of the transformation and will phase out over time.

Reference examples


Company size > EUR 3 Bn p.a. sales

Process and cost optimization
SAP 4 HANA Readiness


  • Management of the overall “LEAN IT” program
  • Identification of process and cost optimizations
  • Development of a “Target Operating Model
  • Preparation of lean-agile alignment


  • 22% cost savings,
  • Streamlining of the IT application portfolio,
  • Realignment of the organization,
  • Introduction of coordinated efficiency and quality indicators

Implementation of SAFe® lean-agile management in multiple units

Company size > € 10 billion p.a. sales

Scaled agile management
Implementation of market-leading lean-agile management method SAFe®

Transformation of six different areas to a lean-agile way of working according to the methodology SAFe® (ScaledAgileFramework.com) as Senior Agile Coach and Trainer.
Implementation of so-called “Agile Release Trains” / “Solution Trains” based on Value Stream Workshops, execution of Program Increment Planning (PIP) events, coaching and training of employees and senior management.

50% faster delivery of results within 6 months with significantly reduced defect rate.

How does this work out for me?

In a direct (remote and free of charge) INITIATION SESSION we will discuss your objectives, scope, and context.

As it may be helpful for your, we offer a Self-Assessment Tool (SAT) to allow you to identify your current state regarding agility.

Based on those findings and depending on your needs, we will provide you a support concept that fits neatly into your approach. It may comprise just specific consulting or coaching interventions or up to full delivery of an implementation program including covering for not yet internally staffed key roles such as Product Owner / Product Managers, Scrum Master, System Architects etc.

In other words, the typical approach is

  • Scaled to your real needs
  • Delivering tangible results continuously
  • Low risk, as the agile contract ensures required skill capacity and allows for adjustments as required.

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