Systemic Change Management Bootcamp (Certification Course)

Knowing about change management – theoretically – is one thing, but does not dispense real life with real settings!

Knowledge ≠ Understanding

In a time (and cost) affordable manner, this training session will provide insights in how to cope with real life challenges in TUPles (TUP – Teams Under Pressure).

We are living in a dynamic and complex world or, in a high dynexity that may lead to near-chaotic situations. Performing teams have learnt to cope with these situations and still deliver! Insights in such resilience is core of this program.

The concept is based on systemic change management that encounters holistically an organization (such as a team, division, company, …), its environment and driving forces.   

  • The course answers the questions:
    • Why is behavioral change on individual and team level crucial to high performing teams?
    • What antipattern exists in teams, their environment, and the personal individuals that prevents proper performance (diagnosis)?
    • Taking a systemic view, what alternatives (principles and practices) can help to ensure high performance (redesign).
    • Test the new normal
  • Attendees will:
    • experience challenging situations,
    • learn how to leave behind previously used but unhelpful practices,
    • sharpen the attention for behavioral pattern in the “system” and its environment,
    • understand what it takes to take corrective (change) actions to ensure that the business objectives are met.
  • The format is:
    Four times four hours remote (on request two days onsite). At the end, a evaluated presentation will be given by the participants.
  • What’s included:
    • Course delivery online (inhouse courses onsite on request) and materials (electronically) in English
    • Certificate
  • Who benefits from this certification course?
    • Team members
    • Leaders and senior leaders
  • Prerequisites
    • All are welcome, regardless of specific prior knowledge.

If you are interested in participating in one of the next courses or are interested in a quote for an inhouse (remote or onsite) course, please contact us.